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At Focus Consulting Solutions, we deliver training on a variety of current topics such as:

  • SQL for Sage (Intro - Intermediate)

  • Navigating SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) with Tips & Tricks,

  • Visual CUT (Basics, Beyond the Basics, and Special Functions),

  • How to Create an Affordable Employee Security Awareness Training Program  

  • 2018 Changing Workplace Environment 


To accommodate today's busy schedules, we offer flexible training options:  

  • Full-Day Instructor Lead Computer Lab Classes

  • Half-Day Instructor Lead Virtual Hands-On Classes

  • 90-Minute Lunch & Learn Webinars

  • Pre-Recorded Classes for On-Demand Training  


New training topics are added frequently so check back often to view the latest schedule. Please click below for current schedule and to register today.

As your business grows, so does the challenge to manage reporting on large data sets.  Let Focus show you proven ways to manage your data, reduce the amount of time it takes to run reports, and take some processing load off your server. Let us demo an affordable solution for report scheduling with output delivered in various forms such as email, text, forwarding to a printer and more.  Email attachments can be delivered in Excel, Word, PDF, Text file, CSV, and much more. Call us today to discuss your report automation needs and how we can save your team time and money.

Report Processing Automation


Custom Reporting

Canned reports don't quite give you the data you need?  Need to point your current custom reports over to Anterra, Gateway, or Replicator database in SQL? We have over a decade of experience exporting data from Sage using many tools.  We have designed simple reports to complex dashboards.  Contact us to discuss your reporting needs today.

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